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Jul 8, 2015
Press Release
CHC Opposes Republican Legislation, H.R. 5

Washington, D.C. – Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Linda T. Sánchez and the CHC Education Task Force Co-Chairs, Congressman Rubén Hinojosa and Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva, released the following statements in opposition to today’s H.R. 5 vote.  The Elementary and Secondary Education Reauthorization Act guts education funding, weakens protections for disadvantaged students, does not provide a well-rounded education for all students, and does not support educators. 

CHC Chairwoman Linda T. Sánchez: “Every child in the United States has the right to a high-quality education, regardless of race or economic background – H.R. 5 fails to protect this right.  Quality, public education opens doors and leads to greater opportunities for working families – it did for mine. I would not be where I am today without the education I received. Unfortunately, H.R. 5 rejects these fundamental commitments to public education and will harm minority and low-income students. This Republican bill drains critical resources and puts public education on a path toward privatization.”

CHC Education Task Force Co-Chair Rubén Hinojosa: “While Democrats are looking for ways to expand educational opportunities for all students regardless of their family’s financial ability or where they live in the United States, Republicans want to cut out funding and educational opportunities for many students,” said U.S. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa. “The Student Success Act is the wrong name for a misguided bill that denies children access to a high quality education and the opportunity to lead successful and prosperous lives. This bill steers funding away from low-income students, students of color, those who are English language learners, and those with disabilities. It takes us backward on equity and accountability, confirming that Republicans do not support the best interests or the needs of three million students in the state of Texas who would be adversely affected under this bill.”

CHC Education Task Force Co-Chair Raúl M. Grijalva: “The provisions in H.R. 5 to weaken our public education system are politics at its most cynical; the funding cuts included are politics at its worst. Instead of ensuring every student has the resources needed to succeed, this bill will actually allow for those resources to be siphoned away from underserved populations to better fund schools that are already well-funded. And instead of viewing failing students as a great challenge to overcome, this bill leaves them behind and absolves federal responsibility to ever help them succeed. The GOP isn’t just letting our students down – they’re intentionally working against them.”