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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Civil and Voting Rights Task Force Chair Darren Soto Statement on Court’s Decision Jeopardizing Hispanic Voters

Nov 2, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C.-Congressman Darren Soto, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair of the Civil and Voting Rights Task Force, responded Friday to a federal court decision ruling against the addition of a second polling site aimed to better serve the majority Hispanic population of Dodge City, Kansas. Congressman Soto issued the following statement:

“Kris Kobach and Deborah Cox have already shown themselves as national leaders of voter suppression and discrimination by denying the people of Dodge City, Kansas, including numerous Hispanics, even one polling place. 

Now the federal court has done the unthinkable: ruling that voting rights are being violated, but incredulously finding the court is powerless to stop it. If voting justice cannot be had in the federal courts for Dodge City, than justice no longer exists in Kansas.

My only solace is in the fact that the more you attempt to deny the right of Americans to vote, the more they will be motivated to ‘get out of Dodge’ and vote. Dear Kansans the nation is watching, make sure your voice is heard and vote!”

The ACLU of Kansas filed a lawsuit following a September 28 announcement regarding the relocation of Dodge City’s only voting precinct, a move made by Ford County Clerk Deborah Cox. The polling site, previously centered in Dodge City’s historic downtown, is now located on the town’s outskirts, more than a mile from the nearest bus stop. Kobach, Kansas’s Secretary of State led President Donald Trump’s investigation into allegations of voting by undocumented immigrants.